Prime can help you to navigate the rote ahead. Quality & Cost Effective Tools and Equipment. We help our customers save time and lives The Journey to success means,
using the right equipment!
Prime Trading is about... Professionalism. Reliability. Authenticity.
PRIME is a Medical Supply Company that provides hospitals with Quality & Cost effective tools and equipment.
“We help our customers save time and lives”


PRIME is NHRA APPROVED – Medical Devices Authorized Representative
under National Health Regularity Authority (NHRA) License number: BPT 160

Surgical Sutures , Textile Implants & Wound Management
As the oldest German manufacturer of surgical suture materials, SERAG-WIESSNER combines many decades of experience with the latest medical know-how.
Absorbable Hemostats
by Pahacel
Since its establishment in 2007, with the rich experience and powerful financial support ALTAYLAR MEDICAL (Pahacel).
Laparoscopic Instruments
By Genicon - USA
GENICON is recognized as an emerging leader in the design, production, and distribution of patented surgical instrumentation focused exclusively on laparoscopic surgery. Founded in 1998 and based in Orlando, Florida.
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  • Panorama is a market-leading noninvasive prenatal screening test (NIPT) that reveals your baby’s risk for genetic disorders as early as nine weeks.

  • Horizon looks at your genes to see if you’re a carrier for up to 274 autosomal-recessive and X-linked genetic conditions.

  • Anora helps determine why a miscarriage occurred. Testing is performed on the tissue from the pregnancy loss.

  • Arbor Vita’s OncoE6™ product line identifies patients that are not only infected with HPV but are also producing E6 oncoproteins.

Why Choose Us

PRIME Medical Supply is a market leading supplier and distributor of high quality & cost effective medical products.

Seven main product categories include medical consumables, medical equipment, surgical instruments, Absorbable hemostats, ophthalmology products, surgical sutures, textile implants and a broad range of other medical products which is supplied upon clients demand or request.

PRIME Medical Supply imports and distributes unique & high-demand medical products.

Our supply model offers over 5000 products sourced from international leading manufacturers and suppliers.

PRIME acts as the exclusive local supplier for Pahacel Absorbable Hemostats (Turkey),

Genicon Laparoscopic Instruments (USA), Bicakcilar Medical Disposable Products (Turkey),

*Serag-Wiessner Surgical Sutures, Meshes & Wound management (150 Years old company -Germany), Natera Genetic Tests (USA) & Arbor Vita Cervical Cancer Test (USA).

And all suppliers trust in PRIME to represent their product portfolios in Bahrain & GCC.

Cost effective medical disposables, advanced genetic tests, high quality point of care devices and diagnostic capital equipment are supplied to customers working within every market sector across Bahrain & GCC.

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PRIME Medical Supply represents a number of high-profile international brands, by supplying various products from their portfolios throughout Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, United Arab of Emirates, Oman & Kuwait.

Such products include Pahacel Absorbable Hemostats & Meshes, Serag-Wiessner Surgical Sutures, Textile Implants & Wound Management.

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