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Geuder - Germany

Geuder AG has been one of the most innovative eye surgical product manufacturers for the past 65 years. Ophthalmic surgeons in over 90 countries rely on more than 3,000 Geuder products when performing surgical operations. Geuder actively contributes to high-quality innovative products at a global level.


  • Instruments
  • Device and accessories
  • Sterilization containers
  • Ophthalmic Gases
  • Ophthalmic liquids
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Intravitreal Injection Kit:

The Intravitreal Pack will reduce the risk of endophthalmitis,
The KIT provides efficiency for your practice by reducing inventory management and liberating time that can be wasted on component ordering, receiving and assembly.

It is easy to use and all the components are right at your fingertips into one complete sterilized pack.

The handy plastic tray serves as a reservoir that you can use for your povidone-iodine solution. The tray also makes clean up quick and easy. We offer this customized pack to meet almost every need.


Contents includes:

  • 2 each CTA (cotton tip applicator )
  • 1 each Wrap 20×20
  • 10 each GZE, 4×4 12 ply NORX indexed
  • 2 each 1CC TB syringes
  • 2 each 30GA X 1/2” needle
  • 1 Each 27GA x 1/2″ needle
  •  2 each Glove exam large eaches
  • 1 each speculum eyelid
  • 1 caliper Scleral
  • 1 Tray